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Is it fair that skiing and snowboarding are viewed as sports that professionals can only really take part in due to the risks involved? Admittedly, for beginners, it can be quite daunting especially if you're hurtling down a slope on skis or a board with no previous experience of how to control yourself.

However, there is no doubting that these two sports are an absolute must for thrill-seekers who just love the outdoors and want to experience nothing more other than swerving those obstacles while displaying your skills.

Indeed, indoor versions of the sports have become prominent within the UK within the last decade with numerous facilities opening aiming to provide experiences for people to ski and snowboard.

We got in touch with a leading indoor centre, The Snow Centre, to learn more about the indoor experiences compared to the real thing.

SRB: Have you found that people are using the Snow Centre as preparation for the outdoor skiing and snowboarding events?

TSC: Having skiing and snowboarding lessons at The Snow Centre, Hemel Hempstead, in preparation for your winter break can not only save money, but also offer you more time together with family and friends on the mountain. Indoor snowsports destinations can also be a great place to warm up your ski legs for accomplished skiers and snowboarders too.

SRB: Why would people choose The Snow Centre over the traditional versions of skiing and snowboarding?

TSC: Based in the UK, The Snow Centre offers 160m main slope and 100m-lesson slope on your doorstep, making year round skiing and snowboarding available to everyone.

SRB: Is one more popular than the other or have you found that people tend to try both skiing and snowboarding?

TSC: Skiing is the more traditional snowsport, but snowboarding is definitely growing, and we've seen a huge interest in snowboarding since Jenny Jones' medal win in Sochi in February 2014. Many have never taken part in a snowsport before, but we're also seeing an increasing number of families who have been skiing for years, trying snowboarding for the first time.

SRB: How does the experience at The Snow Centre compare to traditional versions of skiing and snowboarding?

TSC: The fundamentals of skiing and snowboarding are all about having fun and developing your skills, whether you're on the mountain or the real snow at The Snow Centre.

Thanks to Zoe Green from The Snow Centre for taking time to talk to us.

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