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Mr H came to us with a BMI of around 40 and a need for Critical Illness Cover and Income Protection. Harry had been declined insurance elsewhere and decided to speak with us, to see if we could get him the insurance that he needed. We were able to arrange Life Insurance, Critical Illness Cover and Income Protection for Harry that covered his mortgage liability and income, within his budget.

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CuraVision ABCs High BMI - Video Transcript

Hi today I'm going to be carrying on the CuraVision ABC series and today is H for high BMI and I'm going to talk to you about our client, Mr. H.

Harry came to us, 29 years old, non-smoker, with a BMI of approximately 40. Now in regards to insurance terms, that is considered quite high. He had come to us having been declined by one insurer and for his life and critical illness cover, and wanted to see if there was anything that we could do for him.

So Harry had just arranged a capital and repayment mortgage of £88,000 over 35 years. And he wanted some kind of critical illness cover in place, so that if something were to happen to him for him to develop serious illness, that he would be able to pay off that mortage liability and not have that to worry about whilst he was also going through, what would be quite a tough time, medically.

So we were able to arrange life and critical illness cover for Harry, of £88,500 over 35 years, on decreasing basis to match the mortgage of around £28 per month.

Now something to bear in mind with Harry, is because of his BMI being near 40 and his age 29, that is considered, those two combinations of being quite young and high BMI, that is what the insurers are primarily concerned about when they're writing these kind of insurances.

We also identified that Harry could use some income protection. So again if he was unable to work, due to ill health, that he would be able to continue to pay and maintain his standard of living, so pay his mortgage, continue to pay his bills and buy food etc.

So what we were able to do for Harry was, we put an income protection policy in place, of around £1000 per month, that would pay a claim until he was 70. It came with a 13 week deferred period, so once he'd been ill, it would take 13 weeks for the claims to kick in the payment, if he made a successful claim. And again, that was around £28 per month.

Now the thing with the income protection side of things, because of this combination of young age and the high BMI, we did have to look at more specialized policies in a sense, and what has come with that policy is that it's, the premiums are what are known as age banded. So that means that at a certain period of times, as he gets older, the premiums start to increase in line with him ageing.

So whilst that may not be an ideal solution, that is what is available for Harry at the present time, and hopefully in the future when we are able to revisit the policy, as insurance policies become more available or maybe as his health changes, we'll be able to get him more of a fixed premium, like a guaranteed premium like life and critical illness policy, where he knows now for that life and critical illness policy for the next 35 years, he has £28 per month to pay, every month to keep that policy in place for that time period while the mortgage and liability is there.

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