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You can view a transcript for this CuraVision Cancer video here.

Please see our video case study of a client who was a cancer survivor, that we were able to arrange insurance for here.

Life Insurance

Life Insurance for those who have previously been diagnosed with Hodgkin lymphoma may be able to secure a policy at standard terms. This will be dependent upon the number of years since the last diagnosis and treatment of the condition, staging/grading of the tumours and the types of treatment that were used. For those who have recently had Hodgkin lymphoma non-standard terms are likely, which will mean that the policy premiums will be higher for a number of years and may then reduce once a set period of time has passed. The insurance provider will use a medical report provided by your doctor to confirm the severity of the condition and the time since you last received treatment.

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Critical Illness Cover

When applying for Critical Illness Cover a history of Hodgkin lymphoma will probably result in your policy being accepted at special terms; this is likely to include a cancer exclusion on the policy. The insurer will want to see a report from your doctor so that they can get a clear picture as to the staging/grading of your tumour(s), treatments that were performed, the presence of any lasting complications and the time since your last treatment. It is possible that with high grading/staging tumours Critical Illness Cover may not be available.

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Income Protection

When applying for Income Protection you will need to provide the insurer with full details as to the staging of the cancer that you had, the treatments undertaken, time since last diagnosis/treatment and any lasting complications that you have. If you were diagnosed with a low staging lymphoma and quite a few years have passed since the last occurrence, you may be eligible for Income Protection at normal terms. High grading lymphomas or cases where little time has passed since treatment may result in the policy being offered at an increased premium or with a cancer exclusion. It is possible in some instances that Income Protection may not be available at all.

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When Income Protection is not available you may wish to consider Accident, Sickness and Unemployment Cover. This policy can provide 12 to 24 months of income replacement in the event that you are unable to work due to disability, serious injury or involuntary redundancy. An Accident, Sickness and Redundancy policy is not medically underwritten which means that at the time of the application your medical history will play no part in the policy acceptance terms. However any claim that you make will exclude anything related to your medical history.

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Hodgkin Lymphoma Travel Insurance

Going on holiday? Make sure that you have travel insurance in place. Having had Hodgkin lymphoma, you may find speaking with a specialist travel insurance broker useful. For more details, click here.

Possible Effects on Lifestyle

Some potential problems experienced by individuals who have Hodgkin Lymphoma include:

  • An increased susceptibility to infections
  • Difficulty fighting infections
  • Excessive bleeding

Medications and Treatments

  • Chemotherapy
  • High-dose chemotherapy
  • Radiotherapy
  • Rituximab
  • Steriod medication

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Summary definition

Hodgkins disease is diagnosed when a biopsy confirms cancerous cells in the lymph nodes; typically containing Reed Sternberg cells. This indicates that B-lymphocyte cells in the lymph nodes are no longer able to produce sufficient anti-bodies to fight infections. The condition is usually detected by the development of painless swellings in the lymph nodes of the neck, armpit and/or groin.

Other Services Available

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* Please note that accident and sickness cover will likely exclude pre-existing health conditions.
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