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Transcript for the CuraVision Diabetes video is available here.

Type 1 Diabetes Life Insurance

Life Insurance for those with diabetes is often possible to arrange. If you have no other major health complications it is often possible for some insurance providers to fully underwrite your application at the time of submission. Should you have other medical complications or if your HbA1c reading is quite high, then insurers will likely contact your GP for a full assessment of your health. Whilst this will delay the start date of your policy it will ensure that the insurance provider provides terms on your policy based upon their full understanding of your health. GP reports are a standard practice with Life Insurance applications and are nothing to be concerned about, you will not be charged for the report and you can ask to see a copy of the report before it is sent to the company.

As a type 1 diabetic you are likely to receive a premium increase on your Life Insurance, the increase will depend on the length of diagnosis, HbA1c readings and any other health factors. If you have not had the condition for a long time and your HbA1c readings are good you may get accepted with a low premium increase. If however you have been diagnosed for a long time or have high readings your plan may be accepted with a higher premium. If you are young and a non-smoker the overall cost for insurance is still likely to be low compared to the sum assured on the policy. When you apply for your Life Insurance you should have your latest HbA1c reading to hand (taken with the last 6 months) in order for the insurance provider to be able to underwrite your application.

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Type 1 Diabetes Critical Illness Cover

Unfortunately Critical Illness Cover is not available to type 1 diabetics. Some providers have now started to consider cover for well controlled type 2 diabetics so hopefully this will soon follow for type 1 diabetics in the future.

Type 1 Diabetes Income Protection

Income Protection for type 1 diabetics is currently restricted to company directors only as there is only one company who can offer cover and the policy must be owned by a company. This has not always been the case and hopefully will change in the future.

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You may be able to look into an Accident, Sickness and Unemployment policy but you will not be covered for anything linked to your diabetes. We would recommend that you speak to a qualified adviser before taking out cover so that they can explain what is covered and what it not.

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Type 1 Diabetes Travel Insurance

Are you planning on going abroad? It is important that you know what your travel insurance covers you for, when it comes to your diabetes. Take a look at our travel insurance page for more details here.

Possible Effects on Lifestyle

Some potential problems experienced by individuals who have diabetes include

  • Discomfort from daily injections
  • Restricted diet
  • Difficulty adjusting to new exercise routines
  • Skin problems - dry, slow healing and increased risks of bacterial infections.
  • Anxiety and low mood
  • Additional medical treatments - daily blood sugar monitors, yearly flu jabs and pneumoccocal vaccinations are recommended
  • Loss of limbs if poorly controlled
  • Eye disorders such as retinopathy
  • Kidney problems

Medications and Treatments

  • Acarbose (Glucobay)
  • Actrapid
  • GlucaGen / Glucagon
  • Glucose anhydrous
  • Humalog / Insulin lispro
  • Humalog Mix / Insulin lispro / Insulin lispro protamine
  • Humulin I
  • Humulin M3
  • Humulin S
  • Insulatard
  • Insulin aspart / NovoRapid
  • Insulin aspart / Insulin aspart protamine / Novomix 30
  • Insulin detemir / Levemir
  • Insulin Glargine (Lantus)
  • Insulin glulisine (Apidra)
  • Insulin isophane bovine (Hypurin Bovine Isophane)
  • Insulin isophane human (Insuman Basal)
  • Insulin isophane human / Insulin soluble human (Insuman Comb, Mixtard)
  • Insulin isophane porcine (Hypurin Porcine Isophane)
  • Insulin isophane porcine / Insulin soluble porcine (Hypurin Porcine, Pork Mixtard)
  • Insulin protamine zinc bovine (Hypurin Bovine Protamine Zinc)
  • Insulin soluble bovine (Hypurin Bovine Neutral)
  • Insulin soluble human (Insuman Rapid)
  • Insulin soluble porcine (Hypurin Porcine Neutral, Pork Actrapid)
  • Insulin zinc suspension mixed bovine (Hypurin Bovine Lente)
  • Lipitor
  • Lisinopril
  • Losartan / Cozaar

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Summary definition

Type 1 diabetes is usually diagnosed in childhood. If left untreated, it can cause a rapid decline in health, over days or weeks, due to the pancreas no longer producing insulin. This is likely caused by a mixture of genetic factors and an autoimmune deficiency where the body produces antibodies that attack cells within the pancreas that produce insulin. Insulin is an essential part of the body's functioning as it controls the absorption of glucose/sugar within the blood to cells that can alter it into energy.

Type 1 diabetes is treat by a change in diet, regular exercise, daily blood sugar monitors and several insulin injections a day. Type 1 diabetics who stick to a strict daily regimen of injections, diet and exercise can lead full and healthy lives. A primary concern that comes with the diagnosis of type 1 diabetes is the uncertainty and worry that comes with the diagnosis of such a serious illness at a young age. However on a positive having to change lifestyle behaviours at a young age can be far easier than having to adapt later in life.

Other Services Available

You can apply for any of the following services through ourselves

* Please note that accident and sickness cover will likely exclude pre-existing health conditions.
** These services are placed with our selected partners.

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