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Life Insurance

Applying for Life Insurance with an autoimmune disease can either be relatively easy or difficult. With conditions such as Crohn's disease, Diabetes and Multiple Sclerosis some insurance providers will provide immediate decisions of policy acceptance when they receive the application. This is dependent upon the severity of the condition and whether there are any other significant medical disclosures.

Some autoimmune conditions can be accepted at normal terms (no price increase), however there are some very serious conditions that can be accepted at higher prices or declined altogether. For conditions such as HIV, insurance providers require a longer application process in which they can fully assess the severity of the condition. Please use the links below to access further details regarding potential loadings based upon medical diagnosis.

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Critical Illness Cover

Applying for Critical Illness Cover with an autoimmune disease can result in a number of possibilities: an increased premium, exclusion on your own and closely related illnesses, or declinature of Critical Illness cover altogether. In the past insurance providers have typically refused Critical Illness cover for people with "serious" autoimmune conditions. Recent developments within the industry are resulting in more insurance companies offering Critical Illness Cover for certain autoimmune disorders. Please see the specific page for your medical condition using the links below, to establish if you can apply for Critical Illness Insurance.

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Income Protection

As with Critical Illness Cover, Income Protection for individuals with autoimmune diseases will result in either loaded premiums, exclusions or declinature of the policy application. This is due to the increased risk of you being unable to work in the long-term. You may find that a short-term Accident and Sickness policy that can provide you with a monthly benefit should you be unable to return to your job for up to 24 months.

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Autoimmune Disorder Conditions:

The Special Risks Bureau regularly source Life, Life and Critical Illness and Income Protection application requests for the following autoimmune system disorders:

Any and all of the above conditions must be disclosed upon Life, Life and Critical Illness or Income Protection policy that you apply for.

For more information on specific health conditions, pastimes, occupations and countries please select here:

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Summary definition

Autoimmune system disorders are classified as those conditions in which the body's immune system stops working correctly, increasing the risk of external pathogens causing serious illness. An autoimmune disease is a lifelong condition that cannot be cured, but can be managed effectively with modern medicine to reduce its affect upon the diagnosed person's daily life.

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