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Vitality Life have announced that they are updating the points system that they use to calculate Life Insurance, Serious Illness, Income Protection and Private Medical Insurance policies.

With a Vitality Life policy you can reduce your policy premiums for living a healthy and active lifestyle. They currently have four tiers of points for you to reach in order to keep your premiums low. The following points apply to joint life Vitality insurance policies (2+ adults):

Tier Points Needed Premium
Bronze 0 +2% to previous year
Silver 1600 +1% to previous year
Gold 3200 No change to premium
Platinum 4800 -1% to previous year

Vitality Life are continuing to improve this product and have now altered their points system to make it easier for you to reach the higher reward levels. As of October 2015 the new points system for joint life plans will be as follows:

Tier Points Needed Examples of how to achieve it (per planholder)
Bronze 0 Do nothing
Silver 1200
  • Walk 10,000 steps two days a week
  • Eight sessions of high intensity exercise per year
Gold 2400
  • Walk 12,500 steps two days a week
  • Sixteen sessions of high intensity exercise per year
Platinum 3600
  • Walk 12,500 steps two days a week
  • Two sessions of high intensity exercise per week

If you have a hectic lifestyle and cannot commit to this leave of exercise each week there is no need to worry, there are many 'non-exercise' ways that you can gain points towards your Life Insurance policy. The above examples of how to achieve the points through exercise are just to show you one way of reaching the target points goal. There are many different ways to gain points and you can both contribute equally to the points or have one of you gain more than the other, they will all go towards your joint plan.

Below we have included a range of additional activities that you can pursue to gain points towards your Vitality Life policy.

Activity Points (Per Life Assured)
Completing a free online health review 100
Online non-smokers declaration 100
Non-smokers cotinine test 300 (inclusive of online non-smokers declaration)
Vitality Healthcheck 780 maximum
  • Body Mass Index
  • Blood Pressure
  • Cholesterol
  • Random Blood Glucose
Attending Weight Watchers meetings 780 maximum (15 per session)
5k Parkrun (as a participant) 10 points
Free fitness test at a registered gym 120 maximum
Sainsburys Healthy Food purchases 1 point per £2 spent on approved foods
Walking 7,000 steps 3
Walking 10,000 steps 5
Walking 12,500 steps 10
Cycling 30-59 minutes 5
Cycling 60+ minutes 10
Running 30+ minutes 10
High intensity workout 30+ minutes 10
Medium intensity workout 60+ minutes 10
Medium intensity workout 30+ minutes 5

Not only do your points go towards reducing your Life Insurance, Serious Illness Cover, Income Protection and Private Medical Insurance there are also numerous partner benefits by having a policy with Vitality Life. The amount of benefit that you get at each of these partners may depend upon the points tier that you fall within.

You will have access to 50% off:

  • Virgin Active gym membership
  • A Garmin device
  • A pair of Sweatshop sports shoes
  • An Evans cycle (as cashback)
  • A fitbug device
  • A Polar device

As well as this you could also use the following benefits from Vitality Life partners:

  • Non-smokers cashback every 3 months
  • Up to 40% off British Airways*
  • Up to 40% off Eurostar tickets*
  • Up to 25% off Mr & Mrs Smith Luxury and Boutique Hotels
  • 75% off healthy breaks at Champneys Spa
  • 25% off spa products at Champneys Spa
  • Up to 50% cashback on eligible purchases at Lloyds Pharmacy
  • A free Starbucks drink*
  • One song and up to £20 iTunes vouchers per calendar month*
  • Weekly tickets to Cineworld or Vue cinemas*
  • A £30 digital gift card towards membership of the National Trust
  • 6 months Weight Watchers membership for £30*

Please note that we use a range of providers whose products may be more suitable for your needs. If you would like to discuss your Life, Serious Illness, Income Protection and Private Medical Insurance needs please contact one of our advisers on 0800 567 7450.

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