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When you have Parkinson's Disease the insurer is going to want to know about how the condition affects you.

Some common questions that you could be asked include:

  • How old were you when you were diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease?
  • How often do you see your consultant and specialist nurse?
  • What medication do you take?
  • Has your medication changed within the last year?
  • Have you had any surgery for the condition?
  • What are your symptoms?
  • Do you require mobility aids?

By answering these questions the insurer can get a good initial idea as to your overall health. From this they will be able to give you an initial indication as to what insurances are available to you and the provisional cost of cover. To support your application the insurer will write to your GP, to ask that they confirm the details that you have provided and to get a clear history of your health.

Life Insurance - widely available, depending upon the severity of your symptoms and treatment, you may need to look at specialist insurers.

Critical Illness Cover - limited options, you will need to approach specialist insurers for your cover.

Income Protection - limited options, cover is likely to be restricted to short-term claim policies.

Private Medical Insurance - generally available, most policies will exclude claims related to Parkinson's Disease.

You can view our Parkinson's Disease Health Condition page here.

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