S2 Ep11 Practical Protection Podcast - Breaking Communication Barriers

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Episode 11 of the Practical Protection Podcast

Kathryn is joined by Ross Linnett, CEO of Recite Me, an accessibility toolbar that enables people to adapt websites to their needs, providing a text to speech function, custom styling features, reading support aids and a translation tool with over 100 languages, and many other features.

We have integrated this in to our website and it’s incredible how you can adapt the visual and audio of the website. As a telephone based company we see the website as our shop front, it’s essential that it’s easily accessible for all. Having this toolbar on here breaks that first communication barrier many are faced with when browsing and searching the internet.

Ross was diagnosed with dyslexia whilst at university and faced many difficulties with the technology that was used to support him through his studies. This is where the first beginnings of Recite Me started to evolve. They discuss how Ross developed this software and how important it is for businesses and advisers to think about these things.

They also cover what it is like when you are dyslexic and are faced with financial documentation, how people can sometimes avoid those really important conversations and decisions on financial matters, so that you don’t have to deal with the paperwork.

The 3 key takeaways:

  1. How providing accessible websites and services, is a legal requirement for UK businesses.
  2. Statistics show that businesses are losing out on 25% of their customers, through a lack of accessibility, estimated to be worth £7billion.
  3. Recite Me only requires a couple of lines of coding, to be integrated into your website, to improve your customer outreach.

To listen to the podcast in full click here.

Kathryn has also created a 3 minute video showing how the Recite Me toolbar works on the Special Risks Bureau website:


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Episode 11 of the Practical Protection Podcast

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Episode 11 of the Practical Protection Podcast
Episode 11 of the Practical Protection Podcast
Episode 11 of the Practical Protection Podcast
Episode 11 of the Practical Protection Podcast
Episode 11 of the Practical Protection Podcast