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In this video I talk about Zoe and Zara, a couple that came to us needing protection insurance to cover their mortgage. They both had high BMIs, but primary focus was on Zara having obstructive sleep apnoea and multiple family members with a history of cancer. Find out what we were able to do for them.

CuraVision ABCs ZZZZZ Sleep Apnoea - Video Transcript

Hi and welcome to episode Z of the CuraVision ABC series. Today, I'm going to be talking about Zoe and Zara. So Zoe and Zara came to us because Zara had obstructive sleep apnoea.

Now one was in their mid-30s, one was early 40s. They were both non-smokers, they're both employed. They also both had slightly higher BMIs, to the point where insurers would be wanting to look at that for consideration in the applications before they offered terms. So with Zara, she used the machine on the nighttime, and that was absolutely fine, that sorted out all of her symptoms, and there was no issues there.

So we were able to arrange, oh, there was also quite a significant amount of family history of a cancer diagnosis on Zara's part as well. But we were able to arrange a decreasing life insurance policy to match their mortgage which was £111,600 over 23 years for a monthly premium of £32.

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