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Fiona came to is and we identified a need for Life Insurance and Critical Illness Cover, up to her anticipated retirement age off 68. Fiona had fibromyalgia, ADHD and anxiety disclosures on her application. This video details how we were able to meet her protection needs.

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Fibromyalgia Life Insurance

CuraVision ABCs Fibromyalgia - Video Transcript

Hi, today I'm going to be carrying on the CuraVision ABC Series, and today is focusing on Miss F.

So Fiona came to us with a medical history of fibromyalgia, ADHD, and anxiety issues. So the fibromyalgia was on the milder side of the condition. She didn't need to take any medication for it and she wasn't having any significant flare-ups, that needed any specific attention. The ADHD had been quite a recent diagnosis and there was medication in place to help control that condition. With the anxiety issues, there had been medication taken in the past. That was no longer being taken and she was primarily controlling that with cognitive behaviour therapy.

So Fiona was 25 years old. She was a non-smoker and her BMI fell within the normal range. So she came to us wondering if she needed any protection insurance in place and we identified that it could be useful for her to have some life insurance in place, to provide some protection towards the household for her partner, help cover mortgage liability, etc, and also some critical illness cover in place just in the event that she suffers a serious condition. That would give her a lump sum just to help, say, with anything such as private medical fees or just generally adaptations to the household, like anything that she would need in the event that something like that happened.

So the advisor spoke to Fiona and from their calculations of her income, and what would be needed into the household, they arranged a level life insurance policy of £205,000 that would run until the age of 68. That came to a monthly premium of around £10.30 per month. Did come with a slight premium increase due to the mix of conditions that are in place. The advisor also bolted on some critical illness cover. Because we were working to a specific budget, the advisor put together a critical illness policy of £55,000, a level critical illness policy of £55,000 to the age of 68, and again that came with a slight premium increase, but came to a monthly premium of roughly £16.50.

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