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Life Insurance for people in the armed forces is a turbulent market. Insurance companies seem to constantly change their minds on the risk of Armed Forces personnel, and alter their underwriting guidelines on a regular basis.

Can I get Life Insurance?

Life Insurance is available for most people in the Armed Forces and there are specialist companies recommended by the Armed Forces. However, what many Armed Forces personnel do not realise is that they can often place their cover cheaper on the standard market than with the specialist companies.

Our fully trained financial advisers are skilled in placing cover for people doing a variety of roles within the Armed Forces. We have secured Life Insurance for Armed Forces pilots, gunners, band members, infantry, engineers, cooks, etc. Additionally we search from a fair analysis of the whole market ensuring any recommendations given are legitimately competitive.

Will I have to pay more being in the Armed Forces?

As a rule of thumb if you are presently in the navy or RAF and are not performing overly hazardous activities then you can often get life cover at standard terms. If however you are in the army and are due to go to an active theatre of operation within the next six months then you will often pay a higher price for Life Insurance.

Armed Forces personnel regularly doing hazardous roles such as fast jet air crew, explosive handlers, etc will always pay a higher price for cover due to the heightened risk of their activities. The cost of Life Insurance is largely dependent upon the amount of cover you want, the length of time you want to be covered for and the reason for cover. The price may not be as bad as you expect, so why not use our no obligation service to find out if Life Insurance is right for you.

Final Thoughts

Before jumping straight to a highly priced and limited specialist policy for Armed Forces personnel, always check for a price on the standard market through a broker first. If the cost of Life Insurance seems too high then you should still check with specialist providers through a broker to see if they can offer better terms of cover.

A little unknown tip worth noting. If you choose to have a standard policy and the premiums are increased, you can seek advice from your personnel department about a JS form JPA F010 which allows you to claim back up to 90% of the premium increase due to your occupation (for Life Insurance policies of £130,000 or less). Details of the Ministry of Defence Service Risks Insurance Premium Refunds (SRIPs) scheme should be available from your Human Resources department.


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