Our company works together with many clients all of which have different medical conditions, being overweight is one of the many factors we look at. The insurers have specific guidelines they will look at regarding BMI, and if your BMI is higher than the average guidelines, they may offer cover at a higher premium. We do not just look at one specific insurer to offer life insurance for being overweight, We look at the best insurer to suit your specific needs.

We do this by looking at all factors of your health and lifestyle. We will discuss your health and see if there are any underlying medical conditions associated with you being overweight, such as diabetes. Other factors such as alcohol consumption and whether you are a smoker, will also influence the cost of your policy.

Typically, if your BMI falls between 17 and 30 you will find life insurance at normal terms. Above 30 you may find that some insurers start to increase the premiums you are offered, and once you reach a BMI of 45 you will probably need to look at more specialist cover.

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The more information that you can provide us about your health conditions, hobbies, travel and/or occupation the better as this will help us to provide the most accurate indications of price.

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