There is often a stigma around Life Insurance claims that people believe that Insurers do not want to pay out on these policies and will use any excuse not to. This often comes from biased articles that highlight cases where Life Insurance policies have not paid, rather than placing focus upon all the instances where they have.

Of course it is not possible to guarantee a payout on your Life Insurance policy as each case is assessed on an individual basis. However if you have been fully truthful on your policy application you should not have any problems claiming on the policy.

In the event of a claim your family will be asked to provide an original death certificate and it is likely that your GP will be contacted to confirm the circumstances surrounding your death. This is a standard procedure during Life Insurance claims to prevent insurance fraud by ensuring that the person who is named on the policy has actually been registered as having passed.

Additionally the Insurer will want to confirm some parts of your policy applications with the GP such as your age, smoker status and medical history to ensure that your original policy application had been completed accurately.

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