The PPP – Richard Lemmon – Living with Parkinson’s Disease

Kathryn invites a very special guest on to the podcast this week, her Dad, Richard Lemmon.

“My Dad was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease in his early 50s and he is now 66. He is going to be chatting about how his condition started to affect his ability to work in the police force and what having his symptoms feels like.”

The PPP – Inbetweenysode – Women in Pensions

Hannah is joining me today to chat about pensions, her career and the Women In Financial Advice Awards that is being held today. This is a really interesting one for me as I don’t ‘do’ pensions.

Protection Review Awards 2020 – Shortlists Announced

Awards season is most certainly upon us in the Protection Insurance world! It’s be an exciting few weeks, with shortlist announcements being announced, and we’re please to say we made the Protection Review Awards shortlist for the following:

Cura win two Financial Adviser Diversity in Finance Awards 2020

The Financial Adviser Diversity in Finance Awards celebrate individuals who have demonstrated their support for minority groups and promoted and inspired those who are otherwise under-represented, as well as recognising companies whose policies, schemes or initiatives encourage and enable diversity in the workplace.