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Life Insurance

Gliding Life Insurance applications are generally assessed based upon the amount of hours that you take part in the sport. For those who take part in infrequent gliding per year Life Insurance may be available at standard rates if you approach the correct insurance provider. Where the number of hours per annum exceeds baseline guides it is likely that your policy premiums will increase in correlation to the amount of time you spend in the air.

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Critical Illness Cover

If you are a qualified pilot and take occasional flights you may be able to secure normal terms with select insurers. Critical Illness Insurance for gliders who do frequent flights however may come with an exclusion for any health complications that you develop as a direct result of your gliding.

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Income Protection

Gliding Income Protection has a few different underwriting stipulations than the insurances discussed above. You may find that you are unable to secure an Income Protection policy with a claims deferment period of less than 13 weeks. Whilst this may not be ideal, longer deferment periods generally come at cheaper premiums which can be of benefit. For those who take part in regular gliding it is likely that your policy will be accepted with an exclusion on any health claim that is related to your gliding activities.

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As an alternative you could consider an Accident, Sickness and Unemployment policy that can provide short term income protection over a period of 12 to 18 months. Most Accident, Sickness and Unemployment policies would not come with any exclusions in regards to your gliding activities.

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As with any hazardous activity or sport it is always best to speak with a qualified adviser to ensure you take out the correct plan. You can call us on 0800 567 7450.

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Summary definition

Gliding involves the use of an unpowered aircraft to use air currents to glide through the air; thermals, ridge lift and wave lifts. Gliding is usually performed on a solo basis provided that your doctor agrees that you are fit enough to do so.

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