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Life Insurance

In many circumstances Life Insurance for divers doing recreational scuba diving will not have a massive impact upon the policy application, so long as you are not going diving too often or too deep. Scuba divers Life Insurance applications will need to detail the frequency of your dives, whether you dive to depths of more than 40m or do more hazardous pursuits such as wreck diving, pothole diving or cave diving then you may well find that your policy premiums are increased. Each client is assessed on a case by case basis and factors such as the frequency of the dives, your experience and qualifications (PADI and BSAC) will all have a bearing on the policy acceptance terms.

If you dive as a occupation please see our occupation diving page.

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Critical Illness Cover

As with Life Insurance, Critical Illness Cover for divers should not be too difficult to arrange. Divers Critical Illness Cover applications can often see cover accepted at normal terms, so long as you are not diving too frequently or too deep for the insurers acceptance criteria. If you are a frequent diver or one who does dives such as wreck exploration, ice dives or cave exploration then you are likely to see a premium increase or exclusion on cover. Insurance companies will likely want to know your qualifications, if you ever dive solo and if you do any wreck, cave or ice dives.

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Income Protection

Income Protection for divers just doing it on holiday will normally result in standard terms so long as you are not going below 40m. For more frequent divers it will likely come with an exclusion on the policy for any claim related to an injury or illness caused by your hobby. For example, should you break your leg whilst diving and are unable to work, you will not be able to place a successful claim on the policy. However, if you were to break your leg in a non-diving circumstance e.g. car accident, and were unable to work you could apply for a claim on your policy. It is worthwhile speaking to one of our industry trained advisers so that they can fully discuss the implications of this exclusion to you and the benefits of the policy regardless of this.

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Depending upon your needs and budget you could apply for Accident, Sickness and Unemployment cover as an alternative to Income Protection. This short-term Income Protection could be accepted at standard terms despite your diving activity. Accident, Sickness and Unemployment cover will provide you with a regular monthly payment for between 12 and 24 months should you be unable to work. Please use our free online quotation system to see the type of cover that is available to you.

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This page focuses upon diving as a hobby and should be used by those pursing the activity on a professional basis.

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