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Update: This product is now Vitality Life and not PruProtect.

PruProtect have recently announced that they are changing their underwriting guidelines for Life and Serious Illness Cover of Armed Forces personnel. This guide summarises the changes that they have made and how this could be beneficial to the Armed Forces.

Armed Forces underwriting guidelines for Pruprotect:

  • It will no longer be standard to apply an immediate rating to applications from Armed Forces personnel due to their occupation.
  • Armed Forces personnel can now apply for Serious Illness cover, regardless of deployment status.
  • Army Marine personnel, including TA/reservists, in active deployment or due to see active combat within 6 months will be subjected to an immediate rating on their policy premiums, regardless of occupation.
  • Navy, RAF, Fleet Air Arm and Army Air Corp will receive standard terms, regardless of deployment status.
  • Special/hazardous duties will be assessed by underwriters and where deemed necessary, special ratings on policy premiums will be issued.
  • Special Service personnel will receive immediate ratings on their application, regardless of deployment status.
  • All Armed Forces personnel are able to apply for a maximum Life and Serious Illness cover of £300,000, regardless of deployment status.
  • All Armed Forces personnel in active deployment or who are due to be deployed will only be considered Life and Serious Illness cover in regards to mortgage protection.
  • TA/Reservists who are not currently deployed or are due to be deployed are not subject to the maximum application of £300,000 Life and Serious Illness cover.
  • All Armed Forces personnel are unable to apply for Waiver of Premium benefit on their policies.
  • TA/Reservists who are not currently deployed or are due to be deployed are eligible for Waiver of Premium benefit.

The above list is not an exhaustive list of factors that PruProtect will apply to applications made by Armed Forces personnel. The details of this article are made to highlight the changes in their underwriting guidelines. Please speak with one of our Insurance Advisers on 0800 567 7450 who will be able to discuss all aspects of your Life and Serious Illness cover application.

In addition to this Armed Forces personnel are still not eligible for Income Protection with PruProtect. As the market for Life and Serious Illness cover for Armed Forces personnel has improved so dramatically within the last year, we are hopeful that similar improvements will be made in regards to eligibility for Income Protection policies.

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