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Income Protection for NHS Doctors and Surgeons covers a broad range of working tasks activities and many insurance providers will want to know your exact daily routine in order to underwrite your policy. LV= have enhanced their Income Protection policy acceptance for NHS Doctors and Surgeons by basing their terms upon job titles rather than working tasks definitions.

Last year LV= have revamped their Income Protection guidelines for all NHS Doctors and Surgeons who are registered with the General Medical Council. Below is a summary of the new policy benefits:

  • Should your income reduce after you have started your policy, LV= will continue to pay you the amount of monthly benefit you are insured for rather than reducing the policy inline with your new salary (to a maximum of £3,000).
  • Should your income increase due to promotions and/or added qualifications, LV= will allow you to increase your annualised benefit by a maximum of £20,000 before further medical underwriting is required (if chosen within three months of salary increase). This can only be used once during the length of the policy.
  • On top of this you can also increase your annualised benefit by a maximum of 50% (up to £10,000) for each of the following life events:
    • Mortgage increase
    • Marriage or Civil Partnership
    • Childbirth or legal adoption of a child
    • Career progression (with a minimum 10% increase of salary)
  • Your policy can stay active even if you take a sabbatical (up to two years) that has been officiated with the NHS.
  • LV= will not place any exclusion on the contraction of HIV/Aids regardless of the higher risk that comes with being a Doctor and Surgeon.
  • Doctors are assessed for Income Protection based upon their existing job title and any progression to a higher risk job in the future will not affect the policy premiums.
  • Doctors aged 35 or under are seen as Class 1 (low risk) and those aged 36 or over are deemed to be a Class 2 (low/medium risk) occupation.
  • Surgeons are deemed to be a Class 3 (medium/high risk) occupation.
  • You can have 'Own Occupation' cover which is the best type of Income Protection claim basis available on the market. Should you move to a less hazardous role in the future your premiums may even be reduced.
  • Your policy will remain active even if you work abroad and claim periods can range from 6 months to retirement age, dependent upon the country that you work in.
  • LV= offer a Budget Income Protection plan that has a reduced premium and a maximum claim length of 24 months.
  • You can now select a one year deferment before your policy pays a claim (lower premiums!), and should you make a claim the policy will pay out early depending upon your length of service with the NHS
Length of NHS Service LV= Sick Pay Guarantee 50% of monthly benefit after... LV= Sick Pay Guarantee 100% of monthly benefit after...
Up to 1 year 1 months 3 months
Over 1 year and up to 2 years 2 months 4 months
Over 2 years and up to 3 years 4 months 8 months
Over 3 years and up to 5 years 5 months 10 months
Over 5 years 6 months 12 months

An LV= Income Protection policy will allow you to protect a maximum of 55% of your pre-tax income. We would strongly recommend that you speak with one of our industry trained advisers who regularly source insurance for Doctors and Surgeons if you choose to apply for Income Protection. By speaking with one of our advisers you can rest assured that your Income Protection policy will match your needs.

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