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Life Insurance for Disabled PeopleLife Insurance and Critical Illness Cover are two of the most important policies available to people in the UK and just because you suffer a disability does not mean that you should shy away from the cover.

Disabilities can come in many forms, such as muskuloskeletal conditions, neurological conditions, hearing/vision impairments, cognitive impairments, cancer and diabetes.

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If you suffer a disability you may have been told or thought that you will struggle to obtain a Life Insurance policy. In many situations this is simply not true. People who suffer from disabilities often have as much need for Life Insurance as anybody else. To use an example my own wife suffers with a severe form of Hypermobility Syndrome, but she works, has a mortgage and we have a child. She had as much need for Life Insurance as myself and was able to obtain her Life and Critical Illness Cover at standard terms regardless of her condition.

Obviously not every disability is the same. Some will prevent you from working and can cause severe mobility issues. Again this does not mean that there is no need for life cover. You should ask yourself how your family would be affected financially if you were to pass away. This could mean your partner would have to get support in looking after the children, would need help paying off the mortgage or would simply need help paying for the funeral.

Some disabilities will be acceptable at standard terms if they do not largely impact your daily activities and you do not take any heavy duty medications. If the disability is treated with steroid based medication, or other very strong medication, then a premium increase is likely. This is also the case if your disability causes significant impacts on your daily living. It is worth noting however that Life Insurance premiums are not typically high, so even a moderate price increase might not affect the cost as much as you think.

Of course there are always some people that we cannot get cover for and this is very hard for us as we take to every client that we speak to personally. This is usually the case if the disability has had a significant impact and thus a potential restriction on life expectancy, or there are a combination of risks factors that insurers are not willing to cover. In these circumstances there are specialist providers we can contact, or if you are over the age of 50 there are a number of insurance providers we can recommend who do not ask about your medical background. Please note however that over 50s plans generally do not pay out for death in the first two years of cover.

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Life Insurance for Disabled People

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Life Insurance for Disabled People
Life Insurance for Disabled People
Life Insurance for Disabled People
Life Insurance for Disabled People
Life Insurance for Disabled People