Life Insurance During Pregnancy

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Life Insurance During PregnancyApplying for Life Insurance when you are pregnant should cause you no concerns at all. Most insurers will consider your application in the same way that they would before you became pregnant.

What will the insurer want to know about my pregnancy?

  • Your pre-pregnancy weight, some may want to know your current weight
  • Any complications that you are experiencing e.g. gestational diabetes, anaemia, pre-eclampsia

These are the primary questions that will be asked about your pregnancy. Other gynaecological or fertility conditions such as polycystic ovary syndrome, previous miscarriages, caesarean sections etc are standard disclosures on a Life Insurance application as well if relevant in the last 5 years. Some companies however may only need to know within the last couple of years.

Any complications that you are currently experiencing directly due to your pregnancy will generally be looked upon in a favourable manner by the insurer as they understand that these conditions are likely to end once your pregnancy finishes. In some cases where your condition is of a slightly higher severity e.g. gestational diabetes, then the insurer may put a low premium increase on your plan or suggest that you leave your insurance application until after your pregnancy ends and your symptoms have subsided.

I have heard about free life cover for parents, can I get this?

At the time of writing this article this is correct but only for a small level of cover. Aviva are currently offering £10,000 of free Life Insurance to new parents for the first year of their child’s life.

This Life Insurance is completely free and lasts until your child’s first birthday. The only medical eligibility required is that you are not HIV positive and have not received medical treatment for cancer in the last twelve months Each parent can get the cover by simply filling in the form directly on Aviva’s website.

We know, we know, it sounds too good to be true. Quite frankly it is, but it is a genuine free Life Insurance policy available to all new parents in the UK. Just think, for the sake of a 5 minute form detailing your name, address and childs details, you could have the security of £10,000 free Life Insurance for your child (£20,000 if both parents sign up!).

The Aviva Life Insurance policy is not linked to our company and we get no commission or any other benefit for recommending it. We recommend it because of the fantastic value of the policy and the fact that as parents ourselves we signed up for the policy immediately!

Obviously £10,000 cover over a year is not a lot of cover but since it’s free it is worth having. We do however recommend proper financial planning to ensure that you are adequately protected. If you wish to discuss this immediately or once the free cover expires, then you are welcome to contact us.

Pregnancy related health conditions

  • Gestational diabetes can occur at any stage within a pregnancy with symptoms subsiding once the pregnancy has ended. If you would like to read more then take a look here.

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Life Insurance During Pregnancy

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Life Insurance During Pregnancy
Life Insurance During Pregnancy
Life Insurance During Pregnancy
Life Insurance During Pregnancy
Life Insurance During Pregnancy