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Extreme sports are not for everyone, some of us prefer to keep our feet firmly on the ground - but is there a happy medium?

Skydiving is notably a sport for extreme thrill seekers, as few experiences can replicate the rush of leaping from a plane thousands of feet above the ground. Understandably, this can be quite daunting for newcomers.

Indoor skydiving has become more and more prominent in recent years, as new centres have cropped up across the UK.

We got in touch with one of the leading centres, Airkix, to ask how this experience compared to the real thing.

SRB: Do people tend to use Airkix as preparation for skydiving or is it a completely different clientele?

Airkix: Our customers can be categorised into two broad groups:

  1. The pro-flyers who are training and honing their skills for outdoor skydiving.
  2. First timers or non-pro flyers who are coming to the tunnel for the unique experience of bodyflying.

As part of this experience, we introduce them to the various skill levels that take you on a journey to being pro-flyers. Some of this market are quite happy to just tick the box, but fortunately for us many do come back and become regular flyers.

SRB: Why would people choose Airkix over traditional skydiving?

Airkix: It is quicker - typically it takes at least half day to do just one skydive. The Airkix overall experience typically takes around an hour and half. You also get more equivalent free fall time indoors - one Airkix visit with 2 flights give you the equivalent free fall time of three 12,000 ft outdoor skydives. There is also the fact that anyone can do it. Unless you have a history of shoulder dislocation, we will fly anyone from 4 to 104! It is completely safe.

SRB: How does the experience compare to traditional skydiving?

Airkix: We would say both are amazing experiences, but Indoor Skydiving is more accessible for the majority of people.

Thanks to Nick Wake from Airkix for talking to us.

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