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In this video I talk about Sally, who came to us with a need for life and critical illness insurance. Sally had suffered a stroke a few years earlier to speaking with us, she had also had a hole in the heart and some depression. We applied for Sally’s insurance and at first she was declined. We challenged the decision, arranged for Sally to have a medical to prove that she was in good health, and we got her the life and critical illness cover that she needed. Watch my video to find out more.

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CuraVision ABCs Strokes - Video Transcript

Hi, and welcome to the CuraVision ABC series. Today, I'm focusing on Mrs. S.

Sally came to us, 36 year old female, non-smoker, BMI in the perfect range, and she came to us because she needed some insurance, and she wasn't sure where to start because three years prior, she had had a stroke. And two years prior to speaking to us, she had had a PFO operation to close a hole in her heart, and she was on medications, including statins, just to make sure she didn't end up with any issues in regards to high cholesterol. Around the same time as the operation there had been some associated depression, but nothing massively serious in that regard.

Sally spoke to our insurance advisor, and they discussed her family needs, her mortgage needs, and it ended up that the advisor recommended that she take out a level life and critical illness cover of £300,000 over 30 years, to roughly her anticipated retirement age.

So everything was fine, we put the application through to the insurer, and she was declined.

We spoke to the insurer, and explained the situation, we found out why there had been a decline, and there was concern, obviously, over the stroke, for the critical illness side of things, as to how Sally's health could be in the future. So what we were able to arrange was for a medical to happen so that Sally could go and show that she was in good health, and that everything was now hunky dory.

We are pleased to say that the insurer listened to that, and paid attention to the medical and how she'd had this operation to cure the hole in the heart, so a stroke in the future was very unlikely. And we were able to arrange the level life and critical illness cover of £300,000 for 30 years, for a monthly premium of £150.

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