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In this video I talk about Rodger, who came to us wanting life insurance to cover his mortgage liability. After talking with one of our advisers, we were able to see that Rodger also had a need for critical illness insurance. Rodger had chosen our services because he had rheumatoid arthritis and was not sure of which insurer to go to for life insurance. Rodger’s treatment for rheumatoid arthritis included regular anti-TNF injections to manage his condition. We were able to arrange life and critical illness cover for Rodger, watch my video to see how.

For more information about Rheumatoid Arthritis Life Insurance, please visit our dedicated page here.

CuraVision ABCs Rheumatoid Arthritis - Video Transcript

Hi, and welcome to episode R of the CuraVision ABC series. So, today I'm going to be chatting to you about Rodger, a gentleman who came in to us in his early 40's, non-smoker, BMI fine, and he was working full-time. And he had a joint mortgage with his wife, and a couple of children. And he felt that he needed some financial protection in place.

So our adviser chatted to them, found out what they needed in regards to their mortgage liability and their children for, say, until they're at an age of independence, and what was needed, and we discussed the fact that Rodger had rheumatoid arthritis.

Now, in Rodger's instance, he was on anti-TNF treatment, and when it comes to some insurances and some insurers, they're not massively keen if you are on anti-TNF treatment, and it will lead to declines. So we had to be selective as to who we spoke to, to arrange their insurances.

So, for Rodger, our adviser recommended and arranged that they have a decreasing life insurance policy of £440,000 over 25 years, which came to an approximate monthly premium of £60. They also recommended that they have a level life and critical illness policy of £60,000 over 25 years, while that mortgage liability was there, and that came to a rough monthly premium of £100.

Now, the premiums had been increased due to Rodger being on that anti-TNF treatment, but that isn't always the case, if you are not on that kind of medication. We do have another client, just as an example, who had rheumatoid arthritis, was in his late 20's, and wasn't on the anti-TNF treatment, and we arranged a level life insurance of £125,000 over 40 years, for an approximate monthly premium of £11.

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