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In this video I talk about Penny, who came to us wanting to arrange insurance to provide some financial protection for her two young children. Penny had paraplegia, after an accident at work had broken her back. Penny was able to work and had taken a keen interest in learning to fly, being wheelchair bound was not stopping her from living a full and active life. We were able to arrange for her to have an Increasing Life Insurance, that would retain its value for the duration of the policy.

For more details on Life Insurance for paraplegics please visit our dedicated page here.

CuraVision ABCs Paraplegia - Video Transcript

Hi. Today I'm carrying on the CuraVision ABC series and I'm going to chat to you about Mrs. P.

Penny came to us in her early 40s, non-smoker, BMI in the perfect range. And she has two young children that she wanted to provide some financial protection for, just in case the worst would happen.

So Penny came to us because, 18 years prior to speaking to us, she had had an accident at work, which had broken her back and she had been left wheelchair bound. She was paraplegic. Now, being paraplegic hadn't held Penny back at all. She had two young children, she was a teacher and she was starting to learn how to fly a fixed-wing aircraft and so she just wanted something there for her children just in case something happened.

So the adviser chatted to Penny about a number of different options that were possible for her, different values of policies, different policies, different lengths of periods to be insured for. And ultimately, it was decided that Penny wanted to go for an increasing life insurance policy of £250,000 over 23 years.

Now, due to Penny's circumstances, the insurer was able to accept her for the life insurance, but there was an increase on the premium due to the medical history. So for Penny, that increasing life insurance of £250,000 over 23 years came to an approximate monthly premium of £70.

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