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In this video I talk about Naomi, who came to us having been declined critical illness insurance. Naomi had neurofibromatosis type 1 (NF1) and wanted critical illness cover to cover the liability of her mortgage, should she fall ill with a serious condition. Watch this video to find out how we were able to help her, by arranging for her to have life insurance and critical illness cover.

For more information on Type 1 Neurofibromatosis Life Insurance please visit our dedicated page here.

CuraVision ABCs Neurofibromatosis - Video Transcript

Hi, today I'm carrying on the CuraVision ABC Series and I'm going to talk about Miss N.

Naomi came to us having been declined critical illness cover with her bank. She had just arranged a capital and repayment mortgage with her bank of £95,500 over 30 years and due to her health history, they were not able to offer her critical illness cover.

So, Naomi had neurofibromatosis type 1. She had roughly five nodules that she and her doctors were aware of. She hadn't had the imaging done to see if there was any nodules on her internal organs, so that is something that the insurer did want to factor in, that it hadn't been fully investigated; and it was something that, it wasn't affecting her daily living. She was working. She was living a full life. She had a mortgage and she needed that protection in place.

I'm pleased to say that we were able to arrange her a decreasing life and critical illness policy of £95,500 over 30 years, for an approximate monthly premium of £22. The reason that we bolted on the life insurance as well is that the price difference between life and critical illness cover, or just critical illness cover on its own, was negligible; and after speaking with Naomi, she felt it was a good idea too, to put it in there as a just in case for the future.

The other thing that happened as well, was that the insurer said that with the critical illness policy, that side of it, they were not able to offer Naomi cover under their total permanent disability section, their definition of that.

Now again, we spoke to Naomi and we explained that, that condition in itself is extremely difficult to claim on for anyone, and it really shouldn't detract from all the illnesses that she was still covered for; and she felt that it was still a good policy and we managed to get that in place for her.

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