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In this weeks video, I discuss how we were able to arrange Life and Critical Illness Cover for Mark. Mark came to us after he had struggled to arrange insurance due to his diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis. We applied for Mark’s Life and Critical Illness Cover and he was at first declined the insurance, but through our knowledge of the condition and understanding of insurance, we challenged the insurers decision and got him the cover he needed.

For more information on Multiple Sclerosis Life Insurance please visit our dedicated page here.

CuraVision ABCs Multiple Sclerosis - Video Transcript

Hi, today I'm carrying on the CuraVision ABC series, and I'm ready to chat to you about Mr M. Mark came to us a 30 year old male, non-smoker, BMI well within the okay range, and now with Mark the issue he had had, was that he had been to a few insurers and had struggled to find anyone who could give him the life insurance, because he had relapsing remitting multiple sclerosis. So Mark had come to us wondering if we could help, and we identified he did have a need for life insurance and critical illness cover. He had a capital repayment mortgage of £164,000 over 34 years. So everything was fine, we put our application through to the insurer for his life insurance and critical illness cover, and unfortunately the insurer declined him, and we didn't really understand why. We spoke to the insurer, we all went backwards and forwards a little bit, and we established that the insurer was classing a recent brain scan that he had, which showed a slight change in his brain activity, as evidence of him having had a recent relapse.

Now, we were able to argue on Mark's behalf that that wasn't the case, it wasn't evidence of a relapse. His last relapse had been four years prior to when we had put the application forward, and I'm very pleased to say that the insurer did listen to our reasoning and our arguments, and they did offer Mark life insurance and critical illness cover. So in Mark's case what we did was decreasing life insurance of £164,000 with decreasing critical illness cover of £82,000 over the 34 years, and the reason we did that was to keep it within Mark's budget, and it was felt that the life was probably more of a priority than the critical illness cover. And that came to a multi premium of around £21.

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