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Transcript for the CuraVision Underactive Thyroid Insurance video is at the bottom of this page.

Today I focus on what you need to know if you want life insurance, critical illness cover and income protection, when you have an underactive thyroid. Well controlled hypothyroidism should not cause any concern when applying for these insurances, but there are a few considerations that you should be aware of.

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CuraVision Underactive Thyroid Life Insurance - Video Transcript

Today I'm going to be talking to you about hypothyroidism, or more commonly known as an underactive thyroid, which is a condition I have myself.

When you apply for insurance, the insurer is going to be quite interested in what's the underlying causes of the thyroid issue. So if you have Hashimoto's disease, if you have thyroid cancer, or if like myself, it's something you've been left with after pregnancy.

The insurer will mainly want to know whether or not your TSH levels are back into a normal range, whether or not you are taking medication. It's always useful to know when you were diagnosed, so the month and year, when you started the medication, again month and year, and the medication that you are on, which is most likely to be levothyroxine.

They will also be concerned, well not concerned, but they'll also want to know if you have had any complications from the thyroid issues. So say, if you have had any heart problems, treated for high cholesterol, or if you've had a goitre.

You will find when you do apply for the insurance, that a lot of the insurers on the standard markets, will be pretty good with you having the underactive thyroid. Most of them will want to see that your TSH levels are back into a normal range, and you should be able to, if that is the case, get standard terms when you apply for the cover.

You may find though that if you have had complications, or if your readings aren't back into a normal range, that the insurer may increase the premiums slightly until the complications have resolved, or until your range is back into a normal level.

It is also possible in those circumstances that some insurers, in the standard market, may postpone your application until you are back into those normal levels, and until those same complications have been resolved.

You may also find as well, that dependent upon the terms or the price increases that you are being given, that you may want to look at more specialized policies that are available with more specialist insurers until your health has come back into the range that the typical insurer's would class as normal.

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