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This is the moment when it was announced at the Money Marketing Awards 2017 that Cura Financial Services are this years Best Protection Advisers!

Roger - MMA 2017

Whilst we were not able to attend due to the impending arrival of our third child (38 weeks pregnant, hypermobility syndrome, heatwave and cross country travel do not mix well!), in the video you can see our good friend Roger Edwards collecting the trophy on our behalf.

The competition for this years awards was very strong, with the insurance industry's top brokers each providing a strong case as to why they should stand out above the rest. Ultimately, Cura have won this award due to our dedication to use unique methods to engage our clients and the development of a specialist protection policy, giving more people who have struggled to insurance the chance to get vital cover.

We were specifically commended for our:

Lets face it, nobody really wants to talk about dying or the chance of being diagnosed with cancer. Unfortunately this is the reality that many of us have to consider if we want to leave our loved ones financial secure. Both of the above outreach activities demonstrated our ability to think outside of the box and bring something fun, to what is otherwise a generally drab and macabre topic.

There were lots of giddy smiles on the awards night and to be quite honest they are still pretty much fixed on our faces now. We are extremely proud of our team and in true northern style, celebrating with extra large bacon butties the morning after!

We have an excellent and dedicated team that we are exceptionally proud of. Every member of our team has input in the direction our company and this award is a credit to each and every one of their efforts.

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