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Children's funeral cover currently comes as an automatic extra within the Critical Illness Insurance of Aviva, Friends Life and Legal & General.

Whilst the thought of preparing for a child's funeral is incomprehensible for most parents, it is an unfortunate event that some people face. This add on to Critical Illness Cover can take away the added stress of funeral costs at a time when no parent will want to do anything but focus on their family.

Aviva, Friends Life and Legal & General offer different benefits for children's funeral cover and these are detailed in the table below:

Company Benefit
Aviva £5,000 payout
Friends Life Up to £5,000 payout towards the cost of the funeral
Legal & General Up to £4,000 payout towards the cost of the funeral

Some policies contain a stipulation that if the child dies from a congenital illness, or a critical illness that had presenting symptoms at the time of the policy inception, that the funeral claim will not be upheld. You should speak with a financial adviser who can fully explain the conditions of the children's funeral cover if this is of interest to you.

An important consideration to make is that children's funeral cover is a small part of the much bigger Critical Illness policy offered by each provider. Children's funeral cover comes as part of the parents Critical Illness Cover, as it is not possible to purchase such a policy for a minor. When deciding upon the type of policy that you want you should focus primarily on the amount and type of illnesses that the full Critical Illness plans provide:

Company Full Payments Partial Payments
Aviva 45 11
Friends Life 41 11
Legal & General 39 2

Each company has different acceptance criteria for clients who apply for Critical Illness Cover. If you have a clear medical history and a low hazard occupation you may find that you can pick and choose the insurance provider and contract that suits you. Where there has been notable events in your medical history, a hazardous occupation or significant amounts of high risk pastimes, you may be restricted to the insurance provider that you can place your application with to receive the best terms/price for your cover.

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