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Be realistic!

When you first come to arrange insurance it can sometimes feel like a great big jumble of numbers and options, making it really hard to know where to start. In an ideal world everyone would have Life Insurance, Critical Illness Cover, Income Protection and Private Medical Insurance. But for many of us we need to pick and choose the policies that suit us most and fit within our budget.

It would be lovely if we could all insure ourselves for £1 million in the event that we die unexpectedly, but for many, this is simply not needed. Once you start trying to arrange Life Insurance for higher sums you need to be prepared that insurers are going to want you to attend medicals and may even restrict the amount based on your assets, liabilities and income. A good starting point for life cover would be to look at your mortgage liability and the amount needed to ensure that your family can maintain their current lifestyle if you were to die.

This is pretty much the same for Critical Illness Cover too, though it is more expensive than Life Insurance and you may choose a smaller amount of cover for this policy. Again, a starting point is to look at a policy that can cover your mortgage liability and/or replace your income for a number of years.

Income Protection is a completely undervalued policy that has the potential to replace your income right up to your retirement age, if you are too ill to work. These policies are normally based upon your gross salary, but it is important that you realise they will only cover a percentage of your earnings. Otherwise there would be no incentive to go back to work!!

Private medical insurance, as you can guess, gives you access to private medical treatment if you become ill. So it is probably no surprise to learn that this type of policy will likely exclude any existing medical conditions that you have, for at least a few years since you last had symptoms or treatment for the condition.

If you have a medical condition, hazardous occupation, extensive foreign travel or dangerous pastime be prepared that you may have issues with some insurance companies. It is possible that the policy premiums may be increased or an exclusion placed on the policy claims set. The important decision is to go to an insurer for your policies that offers the best possible terms for you. This is where an insurance adviser is worth their weight in gold!

Please note there are lots of reasons for financial protection and the above are just an example of some of these. By speaking to an insurance adviser you should be able to get a good recommendation on what plans and solutions would be best for you.

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Be realistic!

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