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Aviva have improved their Critical Illness Contract once again, adding to the already impressive claims definitions that have been on offer for a number of years.

In 2014 Aviva paid out over £513 million in protection claims to their policyholders; including 99% death claims, 93.2% critical illness claims and 93.2% income protection claims. In total £155 million was paid out for critical illness claims in 2014, with an average payout of £74,000 per claim. Over £761,000 was paid for children's critical illness claims as part of an adult policyholders cover benefit.

The new improvements to the Aviva Critical Illness Contract are designed specifically around client needs. The biggest change has come to the five main conditions that clients claim on, that make up more than 90% of all critical illness claims.

What has changed:

  • All heart attacks are now covered, not just those of a specific severity
  • Stroke payouts will be made at initial diagnosis
  • Multiple Sclerosis payouts will be made at initial diagnosis
  • Terminal illness now lasts the full duration of the policy
  • More cancer definitions added to the policy claims set including skin cancers and lymphocytic leukaemia

As well as the above changes to these five core claims areas, Aviva have also improved other aspects of their Critical Illness Cover:

  • Severity of deafness for a claim has now been lowered
  • Severity of blindness for a full claim has now been lowered
  • Intensive care payouts are now available at 10 days
  • Alzheimer's Disease claims will now be paid for any age at time of diagnosis
  • Parkinson's Disease claims will now be paid for any age at time of diagnosis
  • Carcinoma in situ of the breast now includes claims for lobular carcinoma in situ
  • Ulcerative colitis treat with a colectomy has been added to the claimable conditions

With all of these enhancements to their Critical Illness Cover, Aviva have made themselves stand out once again as a forerunner in the protection insurance market. Should you wish to discuss any aspects of the Aviva Critical Illness Contract please feel free to speak with one of our insurance advisers on 0800 567 7450.

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