The insurance industry is constantly changing its underwriting standards and there are plenty of people who were previously declined insurance who can now have it. Many people are declined insurance because they have placed an application with an insurer who does not look favourably upon their health history. We know full well not to place anyone with a history of depression with Insurer X because they will be declined. But Insurer Y, will have no problems accepting them.

Factors such as high BMI, diabetes, HIV, cancer, strokes, heart attacks, can all be looked at by different insurers in different ways. There is no one insurer who is the best at everything.

The competitive nature of insurance providers and medical advancements, means that there are regular improvements to their client acceptance criteria, so it is well worth placing an application forward. The way we see it, there is no harm in asking.

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The more information that you can provide us about your health conditions, hobbies, travel and/or occupation the better as this will help us to provide the most accurate indications of price.

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