Life insurance and heart conditions may sound like a no go combination, but there are options available to you. We have arranged cover for clients who have heart attacks, have hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, left bundle branch block, POTS, etc. Depending upon the severity of your heart condition you may need to look at a specialist life insurance policy.

The insurers will need to know more information about your heart problem and will most likely ask questions such as:

  • Type of heart condition
    The insurer will need to know this because different heart conditions have different risk levels. For example, well controlled high blood pressure is far less risky than someone who had a heart attack two weeks ago.
  • Treatment method
    You will need to detail how your condition is controlled e.g. heart surgery, medication, changes in lifestyle. This will allow the insurer to better determine how your heart condition affects your daily living. If you had surgery such as a pacemaker or defibrillator fitted, coronary artery bypass or open heart surgery, the insurer will need to know the month and year that this was performed, and if there were any complications.

It is possible that the insurer will want to speak with your GP or Specialist to clarify details about your heart condition. The insurer will also want to know details about your BMI, smoker status and alcohol consumption, before they are able to offer you life insurance.

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