You can get Life Insurance while you are pregnant and this should not differ to if you had made the application before your pregnancy. The main factor that could affect your application is if you have had any complications associated with pregnancy such as gestational diabetes. In this case your policy premiums will be rated due to the increased risk that the condition presents. At this stage you would have a choice between buying Life Insurance now with a rating and then review your cover once the gestational diabetes subsides, or wait for the cover once your body has returned to its pre-pregnancy health. Insurers will want to know your current BMI and this may effect your policy acceptance terms, if you have entered a rateable weight range, some insurers will however look at your pre-pregnancy weight when assessing your application. You could find that your Life Insurance premiums start to increase if your BMI goes into the early 30s.

Gestational Diabetes Life Insurance

It is worth noting that some insurers offer free Life Insurance for new parents. These policies offer a small amount of Life Insurance for free, for each parent, for one year. For more details please visit

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