There are quite a few options for arranging life insurance after cancer diagnoses, there are even options if you currently have cancer. Regardless of your situation the insurer is going to want to know some specific things are your cancer:

  • Staging/Grading of the cancer
    The insurers will need to be aware of the staging and grading of your cancer, as this give them a better picture as to the severity of the cancer. The staging and grading of the cancer lets the insurer know how big the cancer was and how much it had spread into your body i.e. if the lymph nodes were involved. It is usually a combination of numbers and letters e.g. 2a, 3b, etc. Without details of the staging and grading of your cancer, the insurer cannot give you a quotation of what the life insurance may cost.
  • Type of cancer
    You will need to detail the type of cancer that you had: breast cancer, leukaemia, testicular cancer, carcinoma in situ, non-hodgkins lymphoma etc.
  • When the cancer was diagnosed
    It is usually quite helpful to know the month and year that you were diagnosed with cancer.
  • Treatment methods
    The insurer will want to know if you underwent chemotherapy, radiotherapy, surgery, hormone replacement therapy and any medication that you have taken, or still take, and the month and year that these happened.
  • Are you fully recovered
    If you have been discharged from follow up, the insurer will want to know the month and year that you were given the all clear. Many insurers will not be able to offer your life insurance if you currently, or have recently, had cancer.

The more information that you have to hand, the better. The insurer will confirm your health by writing to your GP or Specialist, so you do not need to worry too much about technicalities of your exact medical diagnosis. Even so, it is important to be as accurate as possible when you ask for a quotation for life insurance, as getting the wrong staging/grading or timeframes of the cancer diagnosis, can have significant impacts on the premiums you are offered.

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