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Cura Advent Guides

Below is a list of guides to go along with our advent calendar.

  • money on a table

    You would think from all the bad press that insurers get that the title of this guide would be true. But really nothing could be further from the truth. Insurers hate to deny paying claims. Why? Bad press. The last... Read More

  • Woman Checking Glucose Level

    When you are arranging insurance one of the key things that you are going to be asked is if you have any medical conditions. Type 1 and type 2 diabetics will need to detail their condition to the insurer that they a... Read More

  • Person on home scales

    When you are arranging life insurance, critical illness cover, most income protection policies and some private medical insurances, the insurer is going to want to know your BMI. For the main part, if your BMI falls... Read More

  • Women standing beside white wall

    If you currently have or have had cancer you will need to detail this to the insurer when you apply for life insurance, critical illness cover, income protection and some private medical insurance policies. In order... Read More

  • Man in exclamation mark tshirt

    When you first come to arrange insurance it can sometimes feel like a great big jumble of numbers and options, making it really hard to know where to start. In an ideal world everyone would have Life Insurance, Critical... Read More

  • Woman alone

    One of the most important things to do when arranging insurance if you have a mental health disorder, is to speak to someone that you feel comfortable with. Whether this is an insurance provider or adviser, if you find ... Read More

  • Piggy bank with calculator

    So this popped up in a conversation I had recently and to be honest it scared me quite a bit. The answer is no. I cannot afford to retire tomorrow. I have a mortgage and two young children. There is no way that I coul... Read More

  • Men cleaning glass

    There are quite a few jobs that spring to mind when we think of hazardous occupations: armed services personnel, offshore worker, bomb disposal experts, etc. But what about teachers, chefs, stockbrokers? There are some ... Read More

  • Happy family with baby

    I bet you have a number of insurances in place already. Buildings and Contents? Car? Mobile phone? TV? Pet? But what about the machine that pays for these things, YOU? According to Aviva, in the UK 20% of people... Read More

  • Couple heart and love

    When you arrange life insurance, critical illness cover, income protection or private medical insurance you will often need to tell the insurer of any heart condition(s) that you have. Some common questions that you... Read More

  • Woman hand in pain

    I can imagine what you are thinking right now. Musculosk...what? This is just a fancy word that groups together conditions that affect the body's skeletal and/or muscular systems. A few that come to mind are arthritis, ... Read More

  • Men skydiving

    When you think of hazardous pastimes some of the first ones that come to mind are probably rock climbing, base jumping, caving, scuba diving, sailing, etc. Well one thing that always tickles me is that even horse riding... Read More

  • Woman on holiday

    Do you get to travel abroad often? One, I'm jealous. Two, make sure that you know what this can mean for your insurance policies. Existing Insurance Policies For the majority of Life Insurance and Critical Illne... Read More

  • Woman on couch pain

    Do you have Crohn's disease? Ulcerative colitis? IBS? Diverticulitis? When you have a digestive condition, it is possible that the insurer may ask you a few questions about your health, to see if they can offer you the ... Read More

  • Happy family time

    Critical illness cover. What is it? Do you need it? In a nutshell this policy can provide you with a tax-free cash lump sum if you are diagnosed with a serious condition that is covered by the insurer. Unfortunately... Read More

  • Loving couple

    When you have Parkinson's Disease the insurer is going to want to know about how the condition affects you. Some common questions that you could be asked include: How old were you when you were diagnosed wit... Read More

  • Mature couple outdoors

    When you have had a stroke the insurer is going to want to ask you a number of questions to establish the severity of your condition. Some common questions include: What type of stroke did you have? Stroke, ... Read More

  • Couple in the park

    When you have HIV the insurer is going to want to know some specific details about your condition so that they can fully assess your application. Common questions that insurers will ask include: When were yo... Read More

  • Woman holding piggy bank

    So what is Income Protection? It is pretty much what is sounds like. You take out an insurance policy, that protects your income. It typically covers between 50-75% of your gross income, if you are too ill to work. ... Read More

  • Businessman holding no sign

    So this is the not so good side of insurance, when a policy does not pay out when you expect it to. Trust me though, this is not the norm. Quite simply, insurers want to pay out on these insurance policies, they do not ... Read More

  • Happy couple outdoors

    When you have epilepsy the insurer is going to ask some specific questions related to your condition. Common questions include: What type of epilepsy do you have? Grand mal, petit mal, nocturnal? When wer... Read More

  • Man giving money

    Insurance that rewards you? Bah! Pish Posh! You must be having a laugh! No, I am not. There are protection insurance policies, that can reward you for living an active and health lifestyle. These policies can be per... Read More

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