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Life Insurance

Water sports as a recreational activity will often not affect a Life Insurance application that you make. Many insurance companies will not need to know about your water sport hobbies other than diving and sailing when it comes to Life Insurance. Sailing often has no impact and neither does occasional diving. If diving involves deep dives, cave dives or wreck dives then you are likely to see the cost of cover increase.

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Critical Illness Cover

As with Life Insurance many hobbies such as surfing and jet-skiing are unlikely to cause any concern for insurance companies when offering Critical Illness Cover for water sports. Additionally, occasional sailing and scuba diving will normally be accepted at standard terms. If you regularly do trans-ocean sailing, competitions or regularly scuba dive then you may see some insurance companies offer cover with an exclusion for your activities. In order to establish the available terms the insurer will consider the location of your sport, experience and qualifications, and where applicable the speed of vehicle, maximum underwater depth and group or solo activities.

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Income Protection

Income Protection for water sports such as surfing and kayaking is likely to be accepted at standard terms unless you were to do the activity in a professional capacity. Pastimes such as diving and sailing may also be offered at standard terms, so long as they are not overly frequent, are UK based and there are no competition/record attempts. If you do dive or sail in a big way then you should expect an exclusion for your pastime on your Income Protection for water sportsmen policy.

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You may consider applying for Accident, Sickness and Unemployment cover which may be able to provide you with short-term Income Protection regardless of your water sport hobbies. Accident, Sickness and Unemployment cover will provide you with a regular monthly payment for between 12 and 24 months should you be unable to work. Please use our free online quotation system to see the type of cover that is available to you.

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Water Sport Pastimes:

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Summary definition

Water sports can be classed as a hazardous pastime by insurance providers if you take part in them regularly or in any kind of competitions. If you are unsure you should check with an insurance adviser to see if you need to provide details of you activities.

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